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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions from here.

Is Pilke open and safe to visit?

Science centre Pilke is open. The satefy of the visitors is ensured by means of social distancing and increased hygiene. As per governmental recommendations, we allow only 50 people into the exhibition hall at once.  We follow the restrictions and recommendations strictly and reserve the right to make changes to our policies.

Does Pilke have a cafe?

No. Pilke does not have a cafe, but we have a coffee dispenser and a breakroom where you can eat your own snacks and use a microwave oven. The closest cafe can be found from Arktikum, located right next to Pilke.

Can I take photos in Pilke?

Yes. You can take photos for your personal use and to publish in social media. Please contact us if you wish to take photographs for professional or commercial use.

Does Pilke have Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can get the username and password from the info desk.

Can I visit Pilke with small children?

Yes. Pilke has a childcare changing table, strollers you can borrow and highchairs in the breakroom.

I have a physical disability, can I visit Pilke?

Yes. PIlke House is accessible and you can move between the floors with an elevator. The building has an accessible toilet on the first floor and a wheelchair for customer use. Disabled parking spots can be found in front of Pilke (Ounasjoentie) and on the square between Pilke and Arktikum. If you are coming to Pilke from the door by the square, please contact Pilke Info. For a map of the parking spots, please check arrival instructions.

I lost something during my visit to Pilke.

Please contact Pilke Info and we'll see if we can find your missing item.