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Tiedekeskus Pilke logo

The logo of the Pilke Science Centre was designed by Sami Nyyssölä, a student of graphic design at the University of Lapland. The logo is based on classic letters and the round forms within them. According to Nyyssölä, these create a thrilling contrast.

Metsähallitus logo

The wood and water theme in Metsähallitus's logo illustrates the role of Metsähallitus as the administrator of the state's land and water areas. Taking care of these areas and using them in a way that will benefit Finnish society much as possible is a challenging task for Metsähallitus.



The media bank photos and other material are meant to accompany stories and news that talk about the Pilke House or the Science Centre Pilke. The name of the photographer or the source of the photo must be mentioned in connection with each photo.

The media bank is  coming soon. In a case you are looking after images of Pilke House or Science Centre Pilke, please contact Pilke Info.