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Hiking destinations

There are many day trip destination around the city of Rovaniemi. Nor the northern national parks are too far.

Arctic Circle Hiking Area's trail network is diverse and has a variety of rest spots offering visitors of all ages a variety of hiking destinations and possibilities. The hiking area is located a half-hours car ride from the city of Rovaniemi. Popular fishing destination called 'Vikaköngäs' is located in the Arctic Circle Hiking Area.  

Auttiköngäs is a dream-come-true destination for day trip visitors. It is easy to reach and has magnificent landscape. Most sections of the trail are easy to walk, but climbing the steepest hills is excellent exercise. It takes about one hour driving to Auttiköngäs from the city of Rovaniemi.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park is an excellent destination for day trips and short hikes throughout the year. Come experience the magnificent landscape, beautiful natural features and peace of the national park. From Rovaniemi it takes about two hours to drive to Pyhä-Luosto.

More information

You can find more information about hiking destinations from Outdoors.fi website and Pilke Info

From Pilke Shop you can buy maps of Rovaniemi and Lapland's hiking areas and national parks.