The demonstration sites can be used to explore good practices in forest-based bioeconomy, forestry methods, harmonisation of sources of livelihood, and versatile nature conservation. You can visit the demonstration sites on your own or on a guided tour. We will also present various forest-based bioeconomy approaches in use in Lapland, which you can examine on your home computer.
The Smart Arctic Forest Network (SaFon) cooperation project, which is intended to promote networking in the forestry sector, includes the Finnish Forest Centre, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Metsähallitus, the Finnish 4H Federation, and MTK. The Forest Network aims to develop the cooperation between forestry sector operators and their partners. The Forest Network is also intended for sharing expertise and good practices pertaining to northern forest use. The aim of the project is to further the business opportunities of companies in the natural product and forestry sector and find new partners in other EU regions for development of activities and knowledge sharing.


Here, you can read more about the demonstration sites.

More information about the project is available on the website of the Finnish Forest Centre


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