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DAS Kelo

Explore an eight-storey student housing block built with a cross laminated timber frame!

The Kelo student housing block built by the Domus Arctica foundation pictured in the dark.

DAS Kelo is an eight-storey student housing block with a Cross Laminated Timber frame, which was built in Rovaniemi by the Domus Arctica foundation. The purpose of the project was to build a communal housing block with a small environmental footprint. The premise for the design and the construction of the site comprised the circular economy strategy of the city of Rovaniemi, principles of sustainable development, innovations provided by digitalization, and alternative sources of energy production.

The completed building has 103 one-room flats. Communality and circular and sharing economies were enabled in the building with common areas. The bottom floor also includes a lounge area for the residents, which incorporates a laundry room with five washing machines and tumble-dryers, and common area for get-togethers and relaxation. The top floor includes a sauna and a meeting and club room with a cooling off balcony with a splendid view. The bottom floor also includes a space for bicycle maintenance. In addition, the bottom floor houses 217 m2 of office space, storage space for the residents, technical facilities, and a SmartPOST parcel locker.


Rovaniemi, Yliopistonkatu 21 (diagonally opposite the University).

Owner of the site

DAS - Domus Arctica –säätiö.

Contact person

Managing Director Kirsti Saviaro, [email protected]

Tour booking

DAS - Domus Arctica -säätiö sr, telephone: +358 (0)20 7699 180, e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]