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Forestry Museum of Lapland

Come explore forest history! The Forestry Museum of Lapland stores, studies, maintains, and presents the cultural heritage related to the forest history of Lapland, and it is the only museum in the world that focuses on treasuring the history of forest work in Lapland.

The museum exhibits the history of Lapland through the items and buildings on display. The museum has a large number of items on display and all buildings can be accessed.

The Forestry Museum of Lapland tells the story of forestry in Lapland ranging from the major logging sites of the 1870s to the mechanisation of forest work in the 1960s and 1970s. The wooded museum area includes genuine logging site bunkhouses, forest work implements, log floating equipment, and forest harvesters.


Metsämuseontie 7, Rovaniemi. The museum is located in Rovaniemi, in the district of Pöykkölä, approximately 3.5 kilometres from the city centre towards Ranua.


1.6-31.8. ke-la klo 11-17. Juhannuksen museo on kiinni. Muina aikoina tilauksesta.


Aikuinen: 6 €, lapsi (7-15 v), opiskelija, eläkeläinen: 4 €, alle 7-vuotiaat lapset: ilmainen pääsy, sotaveteraanit: ilmainen pääsy


Varaukset etukäteen puhelimitse 040 53 600 80 tai sähköpostilla lapinmetsamuseo(at) Opastusmaksu 35 € + pääsymaksut ryhmän henkilöiltä.

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