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Harvesting in multiple use forests

Explore the principles and approaches of Finnish forestry in the middle of the beautiful nature of Lapland.

Chopping machine in multiple use forest owned by MetsähallitusDuring your visit you will learn how the environmental network and cultural sites, as well as climate protection are taken into account in forest management and transportation of wood by the state. You can also see forest harvesters and have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the principles of inclusive planning and the coordination of business activities.


Rovaniemi or the near-by area, based on active cuttings.

Recommended time for visiting

Autumn or winter, visiting is not recommended in the springtime during the frost damage period.

Necessary equipment

Warm waterproof clothing, a hat, and gloves. Waterproof hiking boots or rubber boots.

Additional information

Metsähallitus Communications Officer Aino Ilkka, [email protected]


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