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High Capacity Transport (HCT) trucks

Metsähallitus is engaged in a study on the use of combined vehicles with high payload capacity for timber transportation. Live testing is being carried out using High Capacity Transport (HCT) trucks and Longer and Heavier Trains (LHT).

A High Capacity Transport (HCT) truck on the road in a snow-filled landscape.Metsähallitus is the largest seller of wood in Finland and the second largest road operator in the country. Efficient transportation is important to both Metsähallitus and its clients, but also the environment, as transportation is the single largest source of the carbon emissions produced by Metsähallitus. Thus, increasing the loading capacity of the vehicles is a significant tool for reducing emissions. Metsähallitus is working towards increasing the efficiency of transportation and reducing the carbon footprint resulting from the transportation.

Metsähallitus has participated in testing using various high payload capacity trucks and trains. In road transport, these are referred to as High Capacity Transport (HCT) trials, whereas the trains are known as Longer and Heavier Trains (LHT). The purpose of these trial projects is to seek more cost-effective and eco-efficient solutions for transporting wood, without sacrificing safety.

  • A 104-tonne giant truck has been transporting wood along the long sections of highway between Inari, Rovaniemi, and Kemi. (Trial 2015–2019)
  • Two smaller giants with a capacity of 84 tonnes have been used to transport wood to processing plants and rail terminals directly from the forest. (Trial 2015–2018)
  • A 76–90-tonne vehicle combination has been in testing since 2018 (the capacity of the combination is either 76, 84, or 90 tonnes depending on the trailer used).

The results from the trial have been positive and the intention is to extend and expand the trial. The new Small Giant, which is the first 10-axle vehicle combination in Europe equipped with a CTI system (Central Tyre Inflation), began transporting wood in the autumn of 2019. The vehicle combination will operate at a combined weight of 76 tonnes, until it receives a license for a combined mass of 84 tonnes.


The Lapland region. A truck demonstration can be arranged in conjunction with a visit to a logging site.

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 All-year round.

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Metsähallitus Development specialist Ari Siekkinen, [email protected]


Small Giant: Qteam Systems O, P&A Trans Oy

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