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Longer and Heavier Trains (LHT)

Come explore efficient timber transport using Longer and Heavier Trains (LHT). Metsähallitus is engaged in a study on the use of combined vehicles with high payload capacity for timber transportation. Live testing is being carried out using High Capacity Transport (HCT) trucks and Longer and Heavier Trains (LHT).

A long timber train at the Rovaniemi railway station.

Metsähallitus is the largest seller of wood in Finland and the second largest road operator in the country. Efficient transportation is important to both Metsähallitus and its clients, but also the environment, as transportation is the single largest source of the carbon emissions produced by Metsähallitus. Thus, increasing the loading capacity of the transports is a significant tool for reducing emissions. Metsähallitus aims to improve the efficiency of transportation and load more wood into each transport.

Metsähallitus has participated in testing using various high payload capacity trucks and trains. In road transport, these are referred to as High Capacity Transport (HCT) trials, whereas the trains are known as Longer and Heavier Trains (LHT). The purpose of these trial projects is to seek more cost-effective and eco-efficient solutions for transporting wood, without sacrificing safety.

A long train carrying raw timber can include up to 32 wagons instead of the previous 22 wagons. After the trial in 2018, some raw timber trains in northern Finland now consist of 27 wagons pulled by a new electric locomotive. Thus, the use has become routine. The use of longer trains is being expanded as new electric locomotives are deployed.


The trains can be seen in Kemijärvi or Rovaniemi.

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