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Management of Uneven-Aged Forest in Peatlands

Explore a research site focusing on un-even aged forest! This site is used to examine the suitability of an un-even aged forest management for continuous covered forestry on spruce mires. The site is used, among other things, to study regeneration, the presence and growth of advance growth, the development of forest stands under different cutting approaches, forest production, and profitability.

The trial was launched in 2014. The area comprises 4 trial segments with different amounts of trees (9, 13, 17 m2/ha) and a control segment. The site is used to monitor regeneration and the growth of tree stands. In the management of un-even aged forests, the aim is to retain the forest cover – the forest is regenerated and cultivated simultaneously, and the different phases of its development cannot be distinguished.
Trees of all ages and sizes are constantly growing in a forest stand, and cuttings are used to remove individual large trees or smaller bunches of trees. This method is best suited for spruce stands, where the tree stand already has an un-even aged structure, the trees in the lower crown layers are in a good condition, and there is sufficient sapling material.
The management of un-even aged forest is also used for sites that are valuable in terms of recreational use or the landscape, habitats of special importance referred to in the Forest Act, and elevated areas in the north where the regeneration risks become significant. The management of un-even aged spruce stands on mineral soil has been researched in southern Finland since the 1990s. Research on the method began in northern Finland in 2014, as the field experiments for un-even aged spruce stands were launched.


Coordinates: x=441729.59, y=734188323. A walk of approx. 400 metres from the road.

Recommended time for visiting

When the ground is unfrozen.

Necessary equipment

Warm waterproof clothing, a hat, and gloves. Waterproof hiking boots or rubber boots.

Contact person

Research Scientist Jaakko Repola, [email protected]



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