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Pilke House

Come explore a modern wooden building! The Pilke House is home to the offices of Metsähallitus, where approximately 160 people work, and the Science Centre Pilke that exhibits sustainable use of northern forests.

The Pilke House from above. Arktikum can be seen next to Pilke.


Pilke is a space within a space: the building primarily functions as an office building where 160 people work, but it also houses the 650 m2 of exhibition space of Science Centre Pilke. In addition to Metsähallitus employees, personnel from Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Metsäkeskus, Arctic Centre, and Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) also work at the Pilke House.
The carbon dioxide emissions of the timber framed Pilke House are only one third of a similarly sized building with a steel or concrete construction. The role of timber construction in the combat against climate change is becoming increasingly significant, as a wooden building is a permanent and valuable carbon sink. Pilke is a fine example of timber construction excellence and a tour de force of Finnish architecture.
The Pilke House was designed by Arkkitehtityöhuone APRT Architects. The chief designer for the building was architect Teemu Palo, while Juhani Suikki worked as the project's architect.

Guided tour

A guided tour of the Pilke House is a fun and quick way to explore the mysteries of the architecture of Pilke and timber construction. The tours of the Pilke House are suitable for all ages, as the tour is adapted to match the group. In addition to a tour of the house, we recommend visiting the Science Centre Pilke afterwards. More information on the guided tours of the house :


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