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Regeneration of Spruce Mires in Northern Finland Using Gap Cuttings

Come and explore a field trial where the regeneration of a spruce mire after gap cuttings was analysed. 24 small gaps were cut during the trial, which provided information on the regeneration of small gaps over a ten-year period.

In the winter of 2004–05, 24 small gaps with diameters of 10, 15, and 20 metres were cut in the area. In the spring of 2015, the number of crop seedlings over 20 cm tall, the average height of seedlings, and their height growth were surveyed.


According to the results, 10 years after cutting, the small gaps had a little over 2,200 ha–1 (variation 0–3,000 ha–1) of spruce suitable for cultivation, and their average height was 73 cm. The average height of the saplings and the number of birch saplings grew as the size of the clearing increased. On average, the small clear gaps in Tervola (area of 0.2–0.3 ha) had 750 spruce crop seedlings and 650 birches per hectare.

Based on the produced date, the regeneration results of gap cuttings were quite positive on average, and significantly exceeded the minimum requirements of the Finnish Forest Act over 10 years.


Tervola, coordinates x=439813, y=7340564, a walk of approx. 300 metres from the road.

Recommended time for visiting

When the ground is unfrozen

Necessary equipment

Rubber boots

Additional information

Senior Scientist Hannu Hökkä,    



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