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Sauvosaari Football Stand

Come see a modern 1,100-seater football stand with a timber frame in Kemi!

A virtual photograph of the Sauvosaari football stand in summer.

The structures for the stand of the football field in the Sauvosaari sports park were manufactured in Vocational College Lappia's Sammonkatu unit, in an industrial CLT learning environment that represents the latest technologies and expertise in woodworking.
The stand was realized as a combination structure consisting of different timber structures, where CLT is used as a key building material. The structure below the stand was built using nail plate trusses and the surface structures were created using thin CLT board. The main supports of the stand were built using an encased framework structure, where the cores of the supports consist of glued laminated timber and the casings are made from CLT boards.
Up to 15 students at a time participated in the production of the CLT elements, and their assembly and surface treatment. 


Sauvosaaren Sports Park, Urheilukatu 9, 94100 Kemi. You can park your car within a short walking distance from the site. 

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There are no restrictions for visiting the site.

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City of Kemi

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Vocational College Lappia


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