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4H Forest Team Activities

The 4H forest teams are local groups who arrange forest-themed activity days for children and youths.

Childrens at lunch break in forest-themed activity day.

The local groups plan and carry out various activities related to forests and nature aimed at children and youths during forest-themed days at school and various events, for example. The events can, for example, include Metsähallitus, companies operating in the forestry and nature sector, nature sector specialists, hunters, schools, and municipal representatives.

The activities are intended to support the forest and nature education provided by schools, and to promote the forest-related activities of 4H. The aim is to provide versatile and up-to-date information on forest and nature related issues to the children and youths in the area, and to create positive experiences of forestry. 

The forest team activities are used to carry out criterion 26 of the PEFC Forest Certification, which is intended to promote the knowledge of forestry among children and adolescents.  The team gathers 1–3 times per year and the team member agree jointly on the practices and areas of responsibility.

Various forest teams operate throughout Lapland. You can learn more about the 4H forest team activities through the enclosed video or by visiting a 4H forest day.

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