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Climate Smart Forestry Concept

Climate Smart Forestry is a Metsähallitus tool, which increases the capacity for making climate-friendly choices in forest management. It is used to increase the carbon sequestration capacity of forests and to protect valuable carbon storages. The carbon classification used by Metsähallitus affects the decisions made in forest management.

A child hiding behind a tree in an old-growth pine forest.

Forests are a significant carbon sink. As it grows, forest binds carbon in the atmosphere. The forests used commercially by Metsähallitus have a significant carbon sink effect – the forests grow by 11 million cubic metres each year, and approximately 6 million cubic metres of wood is harvested annually. All state-owned forests included in the scope of commercial forestry are classified according to their sink and storage emphasis. Each forest has a significant role as both a carbon sink and storages, but the emphasis varies. Each carbon category for forests includes specific objectives and recommendations for forest management and use. 

Carbon classification is a new tool that is used in combination with the instructions included in the forest management guide and environmental guide produced by Metsähallitus.

Carbon classification allows forest management to move more effectively toward mitigating climate change.

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