To content is a free map service maintained by Metsähallitus, which can be used to search for suitable locations for hiking, hunting, fishing, and picking berries on state land. The map also includes cultural-historical sites and sites of natural beauty.

Screen capture from the website. The image shows a map of Lake Olkkajärvi

By opening the Map layers menu and selecting the layer Multiple-use forests of forestry and then Sites of high natural value and Other special sites, you can find yourself in an old-growth forest, a lush spruce bog, next to a brook, or overlooking a beautiful landscape. Sights, such as cultural heritage sites or natural monuments, can be viewed using the separate destination menu. Protected areas and hiking areas can also be found under a dedicated section.

You should zoom close enough on the map to allow you to see even the smallest individual sites. The hand selection tool can be used to display the destination information.

The excursion map includes both national and municipal hiking services. The Map layers menu allows you to examine the sites included in the service. The map layers include:

  • Excursion services
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Protected areas and hiking destinations
  • Routes and forest roads
  • Multiple-use forests of forestry
  • Natural economy areas
  • Sightseeing destinations, such as historical, geological sights, and natural sights.


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