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Forestry Education in Lapland

The training leading to a vocational degree in forest education in Lapland began in 1905,115 years ago. Today, education towards a qualification in forestry is provided by vocational institutions (Lapland Education Centre REDU and Vocational College Lappia) and Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

Various qualifications in forestry ranging from an upper secondary qualification to a bachelor’s degree can be earned from Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Lapland Education Centre REDU, and Vocational College Lappia. Both upper secondary and higher education institutions also offer other types of training. (There are several options for implementing the training.

In addition to educational institutions, short courses and further training in forestry are provided in Lapland by the Finnish Forest Centre (Northern service area). Training provided by the Finnish Forest Centre is also available online.

The 4H federations (11) operating in Lapland organize events and theme days related to nature and forestry for youths and pupil groups.

In addition to the above, forestry seminars, presentations, and events are also organized at Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Lapin metsätalouspäivät and the Science Centre Pilke, and the Forestry Museum of Lapland, for example.

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