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Metsää Online Service

The Metsää service is a free online service provided by the Finnish Forest Centre to forest owners and forestry sector operators.

The service provides an easy way to tend to forestry related matters and keep in contact with the Finnish Forest Centre and service providers in the forestry sector. The versatile maps and aerial pictures, general information on tree stands, and cutting and management proposals facilitate the preliminary planning of forest management and the performance of the work. The Metsää service also includes operators that offer forest work and other forest-based services.

Go to to log in to the service. The service is available in Finnish and Swedish. Forest owners log in to the service using their online banking IDs, mobile certificate, or electronic ID card. If a forest holding has more than one owner, each owner can log in to the service and gain access to the same information. The service works best on a computer, but it can also be accessed through the browser application of a tablet or another mobile device.

The services are produced by the Finnish Forest Centre and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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The Finnish Forest Centre, Minttu Koponen,


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