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Open forest data

Forest data refers to geographic data that describes forests, their management and use, as well as sites that are important in terms of biodiversity. The collection of forest data is funded by the state. The data collected using public funds is available as open data in map services, as downloadable geographic information, and through interfaces.

Forest data comprises various data categories. Forest resource information is gathered using public funds and consists of place-based data on the habitat and trees of the forest, proposals pertaining to forest management activities and cutting, diversity, and other special characteristics and history of measures. Forest resource information is also constantly updated from various sources and by growing the number of trees in a constructional manner, to ensure that the current status of each forest stand is always available.

In addition to the forest resource information, forest data includes information pertaining to the property and owner, the forest owner’s use of services, surveillance of the Forest Act, and the forestry support systems. The personal data or contact information of forest owners is not disclosed in the context of open forest data. Metsäkeskus accepts forest data that can be used to update or supplement the data collected by Metsäkeskus. 

Open forest data can be explored through map services with a web browser. The data can also be downloaded as geographical data, which can be processed with a compatible application. Interfaces provide the easiest way to access up to date information. A geographical data application is also required for accessing the interfaces. 

Open forest data is collected, maintained, and distributed by the Finnish Forest Centre.

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