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Pilke Shop celebrates winter animals


Pilke Shop greets with joy the arrived winter, animals that have stayed up here and the designers that have been inspired by those lovely creatures. All campaign products -10% until the end of November.

November has brought us winter. Early winter activates everyones protective mechanisms. Humans add layers and wool to the wardrobe and stay moving while outside. Winter active animals have many kinds of ways to deal with the cold. Some live beneath the snow where it is warmer, others change into a warmer winter fur and for example birds that stay here in the north, cut down on their flying time and increase eating.

Pilke Shop greets with joy the arrived winter and those winter active animals that have stayed up here. Many designers have also been inspired by these lovely creatures and our November campaign highlights these. Campaign includes for example all animal themed products from Miiko Design and Ester Visual, Teemu Järvi prints and organic soaps with animal footprints from Aamumaa.

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