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Pilke promotes forest bioeconomy with a roadshow around Finland


Science Centre Pilke promotes forest bioeconomy using innovative means. The Forest Arcade of Science Centre Pilke will be on its roadshow covering all Finland’s regions in 2016 – 2017. The roadshow is part of the Pilke360° project that promotes the networking of forest sector, bioeconomy and future bioeconomy experts and the utilisation of forest-related learning environments.

In February 2016, the Forest Arcade starts its roadshow showcasing games related to the use of the forest and renewable natural resources. These highly functional games and workshops are used to inform children and young people about the sustainable use of forests in a pleasant and enjoyable way. The schoolchildren workshops use fun games to seek sustainable ways of life that are based on bioeconomy. According to age group, the workshop concentrates on the everyday life of the forest, forest innovations or forest bioeconomy.

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Alongside the Forest Arcade, the roadshow destinations around Finland will see free-of-charge Pilke Cafe360° lectures about bioeconomy and the diverse range of possibilities it holds for the future. These events are aimed at people working in the forest sector, those interested in the forest sector, teachers in the field, and groups that have forest pastimes. The lectures are recorded and the findings are utilised in bioeconomy communications.
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The project is funded by the Finnish Forest Foundation and Metsämiesten Säätiö Foundation. The project is implemented by Science Centre Pilke located in Rovaniemi and owned by Metsähallitus.


More information:
Project manager Laura Kuusisto, email:
Science Centre Chef Heikki Hepoaho, email: