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Pilke Science Center exhibition has been updated with Bioera exhibits


Bioeconomy as a topic is increasingly relevant with the challenges climate change brings us. During January the basic exhibition at Science Center Pilke has been updated with several bioeconomy themed exhibits. By exploring these, you can get to know the possibilities of renewable natural resources in solving future challenges. Exhibits have been first showcased at Bioera-tour in 2017.

The science centre's exhibition will allow you to explore sustainable use of forests and current forest issues. Now the basic exhibition has been updated with bioeconomy themed exhibits. Exhibits invite you to immerse yourself in the themes of climate change and bioeconomy that concern us all. We have selected the best pieces from our Bioera-tour that took place in 2017 and now set them up in our permanent exhibition. Bioera-tour was part of the official Finland 100th year anniversary celebrations and it was organized in co-operation with Science Center Pilke and Science Center Tietomaa.

Descend the stairs down into the science center and let Megatrends lead you into the global context: population is growing and societies are urbanizing and digitizing. How can we make our natural resources suffice? Exhibit is based on Worldometer -service that shows estimated current numbers based on statistics and projections from the most reputable official organizations in the world like United Nations Population Division, World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank as an example.

During the last ten years we have discovered more new things from a tree then ever before. We already know how to make the same things from a tree than we are used to manufacture from oil. This is based on increased knowledge on the science behind tree´s structures and the ability to extract desired properties from them. In the future we know even more about even smaller components and their possibilities. It is a factory -exhibit zooms inside of different parts of a tree and then into even smaller structures and explores what could be made from the different components and materials.

Rotate the crank handle and follow the material cycle! There is no waste -exhibit illustrates industry sidestreams as well as natural cycles. In the future we can sort, recycle and utilize also renewable materials so precisely that there is no waste anymore.

How can tree be a battery? Is wood construction really the smartest choice that would offer house builders easy solutions? What kind of ecosystem services forests offer us? Come and ask questions and explore answer at Science Center Pilke!

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