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Time for Celebration


Christmas is a time for celebration. During December at Pilke Shop we also focus on celebrating and offer festive and foresty design products on sale -10% until the end of the month.

Even though we humans like to tell stories about the cosy and athmospheric Christmas in the forest where animals come together to celebrate, this time of the year is irrelevant to the forest and it´s inhabitants. Animals eat each other no matter what and trees hibernate during winter, they are in a state called dormancy. Christmas is a party for the people and it is an excellent opportunity to leave all your worries behind and relax a bit. In December at Pilke Shop we also focus on celebration. We have festive and foresty design products on sale -10% until the end of December.

You can accessorice your party outfit with Yozen-jewelry, wooden Design Seppälä pocket squares, or  Aarni Wood Loihi Eeben tai Vega Ebony watches. Eau de Metsä is a unique unisex forest perfume for all forest minded. Decorate with Art Miriam trays or posters and welcome your guests with a glass of Sparkling Cloudberry from Lapin Kuohu.

Let´s not be blinded by all the abundance surrounding us and remember that our loved ones might only wish and need some special time together for Christmas. Intangible gifts could be the best gifts ever. Delight your family or friends with a self-innovated intangible gift and seal it with a beautiful wrapping.  Throughout December, Science Center Pilke hosts a creative space for hands-on creative activities - a Makerspace where visitors can independently realize their ideas from given materials. Creative crafting is part of the science center content and is included in the entrance fee. Read more here.

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