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Bird nesting boxes and Arctic Biodiversity Congress

Arctic is an important breeding area for many bird species. Most birds that breed in the Arctic migrate to spend the winter outside the Arctic and face a myriad of challenges which threaten the viability of their populations. One way to support breeding possibilities is to build suitable nesting boxes for birds.

Participants of the Arctic Biodiversity Congress were building bird nesting boxes in a workshop led by Metsähallitus, enterprise managing state-owned lands and waters of Finland. 

A selection of the bird nesting boxes were donated for signing to the Environment Ministers of the Arctic Council member states and representatives of the Arctic Council Permanent Participants (Arctic Indigenous peoples organizations).

Arctic Biodiversity Congress was held in Rovaniemi, Finland at 9-12. October 2018. Congress was organized by the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), the biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council, in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment, Finland to promote the conservation and sustainable use of Arctic biodiversity.

Click an image to see which birds are nesting in each signed box:

ABC AIA ABC Arctic Athabaskan Council ABC CANADA
 ABC ICELAND  ABC Inuit Circumpolar Council  ABC NORWAY
 ABC Raipon  ABC RUSSIA  ABC Saami council