Science Centre closed on 26.6.2024


At the Science Centre Pilke exhibition you will have the opportunity to explore the forest with all your senses and from many different angles. Get behind the wheel of a forestry machine, climb into a bird house and sing karaoke on an ant hill. Find all the timber components used to build the largest single item on display at Pilke, the timber-framed Pilke House! New experiences, new discoveries!


All products in the Pilke Shop are in some way connected to the Finnish forest. The concept of the shop is based on the essence of the various qualities and uses of wood. The products of the forest cater to all of the senses – they can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted and touched. Shop is open daily – welcome!


Pilke Info will help you in matters related to the Science Centre Pilke and Metsähallitus. Hiking destinations section contains information regarding hiking destinations near and far in Lapland. You can also buy maps of the hiking areas and national parks from Pilke Shop. From fishing and hunting services section you can find information about the different fishing and hunting licenses sold in Pilke Info.