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  • Nuori tiedekeskus näyttelyn kävijä istuu Ponsse-metsäkoneen ohjaamossa

Visit the Science Centre Pilke

Forests are a big part of our everyday life - probably in ways you might not have expected. Did you know that ice cream, party dresses and medicines all contain timber and other products that come from forests? Forests are hugely important to us humans and to the whole world. Using them sustainably is the key to a brighter future.

At the Science Centre Pilke exhibition you will have the opportunity to explore the forest with all your senses and from many different angles.

Did you know that for some people, forests are their “office”? That they are a rich source of  new materials and innovations? A habitat for plants and animals? And an important part of Finnish culture? Get behind the wheel of a forestry machine, climb into a bird house, meet our mascot Tuksu the pine weevil and sing karaoke on an ant hill. Find all the timber components used to build the largest single item on display at Pilke, the timber-framed Pilke House! New experiences, new discoveries!


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